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Suspenshen Full Spectrum Breathing Class

Who benefits from this work?

Anyone who wants to take control of their stress, significantly reduce pain and tension in their body, and develop a calm and quiet mind. Everyone of us can learn to breathe better and, in doing so, improve every aspect of our lives.


I already know how to breathe — why do I need to learn more?

One way or another, our breath is being influenced: it is either being guided by our conscious awareness or manipulated unconsciously. The unconscious breath tends to be manipulated by our habits and conditionings. If we are in pain, depressed, sick, angry, reactive, etc., the unconscious breath (like a puppy dog wanting to please its master) supports and perpetuates this pattern. Full Spectrum Breathing allows us to be consciously in the driver’s seat directing our breath with intelligence, providing multiple tools and greater control over our health and well-being.


Why do you call it Full Spectrum Breathing?

Like the ocean tides which depend on the relationship between the earth, sun and moon, the healthy rise and fall of the breath requires the integration of the mind and body with the breath. In Full Spectrum Breathing, we explore a variety of precise mind, breath and body rhythms, rates and ratios, through both quiet (diaphragmatic) and dynamic (yoga and movement) practice. In this process, our awareness leads, the breath seamlessly follows, and the body responds with a deep and profound healing motion. The result is that both mind and body become receptive to new possibilities for physiological balance and psychological well-being.


What will we learn from Full Spectrum Breathing?

The breath is one of the most important natural rhythms of the body. When developed and refined, the breath can play a vital role in the health and well-being of every physiological system and psychological state of mind. With Full Spectrum Breathing, we learn:

Enhancement. How to enhance the breath process using the mind to direct the breath movement into the primary breath spaces.

Equalized and rhythmic breathing. To create seamless (fine motor control) transitions between inhalation, exhalation and corresponding pauses.

Elongated breathing. Lengthened breathing to bring greater control over our physiological, psychological and physical processes, quieting the mind and releasing deep-rooted tension.

Short and sustaining pauses to help balance CO2 levels in the body. Particularly effective for asthma and other chronic breathing disorders.

Seven primary breath waves and spaces. The Full Spectrum Breathing spaces of the body are vital physiological centers. To change our lives we must learn to control our physiology. The seven primary breath spaces are moved, nurtured and regulated by the wave movements created by our middle and pelvic diaphragms.


When do you teach Full Spectrum Breathing?

Full Spectrum Breathing is taught in regularly scheduled workshops and integrated in various degrees in both my hands-on practice and classes.