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Class Schedule

12:00-1:15Therapeutic Fitness Class 2 5:30-6:45Therapeutic Fitness Class 2
12:00-1:15Therapeutic Fitness Class 2
12:00-1:00Restorative Breath 3
8:00-9:00Prime - Foundations In Healing 1
12:00-1:15Therapeutic Fitness Class 2
Norman Allard general information

Norman AllardNorman Allard yoga pose

  • 1 class = $15
  • 5 class punch card = $70 ($14/class)
  • 10 class punch card = $130 ($13/class)
  • Unlimited classes for 1 month = $125


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  1. Prime - Foundations in Healing:
    This class provides support to your home program as you work to heal specific challenges in injury or movement. Previously only available by special appointment and now open to any client of Norman's, this supportive and gentle coaching session gives you time every week to refine your basic skills in yoga, movement, breath and awareness. Consistency in practice of these basic skills throughout your lifetime enhances the function of your body, leads to reduction of stiffness and pain, and promotes physical, physiological, psycho-emotional well-being and longevity. Entrance to class through permission from Norman.
  2. Therapeutic Fitness Class:
    This class gives you opportunities to safely build your practice and understanding of yoga, movement, breath and awareness while continuing to receive Norman's instruction, supervision and, unfortunately, humor. Your consistent practice in class and at home helps you to build your coordination and strengthen your body, contributing to better performance in your daily activities and sports. Recommended attendance is at least one class per week. Entrance to class through permission from Norman.
  3. Restorative Breath:
    This class celebrates your body's aptitude for deep health and healing. Your nervous system has plenty of encouragement to be in "active" mode in our culture and we can unintentionally spend a lot of time there, building stress in our lives even when we think we're relaxing or resting. Hone the specific practices from this class to get better results in your life such as:
    • Raising your awareness to productively use your active drive while learning to deeply quiet and balance your energy.
    • Helping to heal sleep issues, digestion challenges, anxiety, depression, hypertension and heart conditions.


For inquires and to set up an interview please call 303-601-1147