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Norman Allard, D.C.

Norman Allard is a chiropractor, summa cum laude, licensed in the state of Colorado. He holds post-graduate certification in acupuncture, sports medicine, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral and sacral occipital techniques. Norman also completed the four-year Feldenkrais training program and was certified in Iyengar yoga. He has been twice to India to study with B.K.S. Iyengar at his yoga institute in Pune.

In 1975, he became an instructor of Transcendental Meditation and now practices Vipassana meditation. Along with fellow chiropractor Dr. Glenn Barnett, Norman developed and taught a system of bodywork called Corrective Tissue Biomechanics. In 1980, he interned at Herbert Shelton's fasting and nutrition clinic, supervising clients with a broad range of health issues. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, he studied and taught the Pilates method.

Norman is currently a student of two major forms of qi gong. He recently synthesized all of his training when he developed Allard Suspenshén which provides tools (hands-on and personal practice) for dealing with difficult chronic and acute problems.


What is Suspenshén?

The prefix Suspen represents the healing spaces (physically, psychologically and physiologically) that manifest when seemingly opposing functions become suspended in a state of balance, achieving non dual equilibrium. The word shen found in several cultures means (amongst others), eternity, protection, ascension, human spirit, state of mind, nature, esteem. The symbol (circle with the line in the logo) is an Egyptian shen ring which represents the infinite nature and power of the circle. Combined, Suspenshén is the art and science of healing through understanding, and experiencing the unlimited possibilities of SUBTLE EXPANSION available within the spaces of human anatomy.

The Hierarchy of Movement — From sensory refinement we heighten our awareness, validate our experiences and discover truth. From full spectrum breathing we integrate our awareness with all the rhythms and physiological systems of the body. From awareness and breath we learn to move outward from our bones, muscles, connective tissues and organs, maximizing the healing and learning of the whole person.