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Norman Allard working on client


Initial visit is 45 minutes for $90.

Follow-up visits are 30 minutes for $65 and
45 minutes for $85.

Other arrangements and sliding scale are available.




Norman Allard Private Practice

Do you work with the joints of the body?

Yes, in fact my motto is "joints for life." I start each session by consulting with you about your needs, assessing postural alignment and movement, looking for patterns of tension and stress that underlie the problems being experienced. I customize our work together to address your concerns. With gentle hands-on techniques I access the nervous system through the bones and joints of the body, decompressing, and balancing the skeletal core, all with the purpose of eliminating debilitating pain and restoring normal joint function.


Do you also work with the muscles?

Yes, working from the bones outward (sometimes simultaneously), I integrate the skeletal core with the muscles and connective tissues of the inner and outer core bodies, providing tools for developing strength and flexibility with intelligent motion.


What about stress and tension?

While working on the physical body, I work with you while I simultaneuosly observe and enhance the natural wave rhythms of the breath that integrate mind and body. With gentle hands-on guidance I encourage these breath waves (along with cranial sacral work) to move deeply into the bones, muscles, connective tissues and visceral organs of the body, assisting in restoring physiological balance, mental clarity (closed head injuries) and muscular relaxation. I support this work by teaching full spectrum breathing techniques along with ways to safely work on your own belly to reduce anxiety, improve digestion, etc.


Is your approach forceful or gentle?

All of my hands-on work is done with gentle but powerful movements, much of it while being supported with slings (Allard Suspenshén Frame) providing a deeply relaxing state of buoyancy and fluidity.


I would like to learn tools for dealing with my problems. Is there an opportunity for that?

Yes, we work in partnership and your awareness is enhanced as a result. In every session I provide and/or review home programs designed to support hands-on work. Many clients continue their therapy with ongoing classes being offered each week. My home programs and classes are ways to reduce expenses and maximize healing.


What sort of problems do you work with?

Some of the broad spectrum issues I work with extend from closed head injuries to herniated discs; from acid reflux and insomnia to the debilitating degenerative changes of arthritis. Whether pre- or post-surgery, I work and teach ways for reducing pain and restoring function.