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Ropes Class Schedule:
Monday @ noon & 5:30 p.m.
Wednesday @ 5:30 pm.
Friday noon

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Since there are only 12 ropes stations, you must sign up for class here. If you'd like to take the class for the first time, please contact Norman at 303.601.1147 for a brief consultation before signing up.

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Suspenshen ropes and floorwork classes

What are your classes like?

We start each class by quieting the mind and bringing the breath into balance. With the tension in the mind and body reduced, we then create movements that allow us to move slowly and deeply into the nooks and crannies of our joints, decompressing joints, massaging, lubricating and re-patterning our spine, knees, hips, etc. These movements are the key to having joints for life. We learn how our joints move and align, then we integrate them with the inner core muscles of the body, cultivating balance, fluidity and fine motor control. We then explore movements and postures which integrate strength, flexibility, and balance with the outer core of the body. There is a growing trend in the field of rehabilitation that believes pain and dysfunction are less about strength and endurance and more about motor control.


What is the philosophy of your class?

With the dynamic everyday demands we place upon our bodies, it's important for our overall health and well-being that we remain buoyant and decompressed, while simultaneously strong, flexible and grounded. By doing so we significantly reduce the wear and tear on our bodies.


Who benefits from your classes?

The classes are designed to assist those who suffer from chronic debilitating pain and dysfunction along with anyone who wants to move more freely and intelligently in their bodies. From herniated discs to significant degenerative change (arthritis), whether pre- or post-surgery, the classes provide tools for reducing pain, improving alignment and restoring function. Every class provides cross-training benefits, where we learn how to practically apply the qualities of fluidity, strength, flexibility, grace, awareness, coordination and ease, to such activities as walking, cycling, running, skiing, rock climbing, playing violin, etc.


What tools do you use in teaching?

I have taken my background in sports medicine, yoga, Suspenshén ropes, movement (Feldenkrais, qi gong), full spectrum breathing and body awareness, then developed a balanced mind body system. It has taken me many years to create a balanced integration of these disciplines while maintaining their individual integrities. The result is a complete somatic system of healing and continual learning.