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michele kreisberg

Having been both a client and student of Norman’s for 15 years, I can honestly say that Norman is a true healer. Norman’s healing touch coupled with his intellectual and spiritual curiosity, lend to a truly unique and thorough approach to health and well being. His in depth study of eastern philosophy, chiropractic, yoga, Feldenkrais, and bodywork, has provided a vast palette for Norman to evolve his own integrative approach to healing that accesses the root of dis-ease. His guidance, wisdom and instruction around breath, movement, and awareness, facilitate deep changes and shifts in the ingrained and habituated nervous system that causes so much pain, dysfunction and suffering. I have not met a practitioner who is so thorough, inspired and devoted as Norman. He is one of my great inspirations as a teacher, as he never stops learning and evolving! I highly recommend Norman, he is EXCEPTIONAL!

~ Michele Kreisberg Palmer, physical therapist

Norman Allard testimonials

eli gottlieb

The work of Norman Allard blends and essentializes all that is best about yoga, pilates and Feldenkrais, and then to it adds the magic of buoyancy and a profound understanding of the role of breath in creating radiant health. Over a relatively short period of attending his classes I found my persistent sciatica healed and my middle aged spine restored to a newly youthful flexibility. He is the most gifted pure practitioner of the healing arts I’ve ever known, and in Suspenshén he has created his masterpiece.

~ Eli Gottlieb


As I was doing my back care yoga routine this morning, I realized that I haven't had a critical episode regarding my back (thrown it out) in probably 1-1/2 years or longer. As many of the poses I do are ones you taught me years ago, I felt inspired to write and tell you how much I appreciate what you did for and gave to me — the gift of back self-care (not to mention the other benefits I've experienced from doing yoga on a regular basis). Know that you are doing important work and it IS making a difference.

~ JL


phyllis huntPractitioners like Norman are few and far between. One of Norman’s many gifts is a special ability to weave the best from various healing disciplines and methods in with his insights as he relentlessly fine-tunes his Suspenshén program to address numerous subclinical and clinical conditions. His cutting-edge Full Spectrum Breathing process continues to change my life. Using it and other tools learned from Norman has been instrumental in transforming severe migraine sieges of blinding pain lasting 3-5 days every 3-6 weeks to migraine spells of significantly less pain lasting 1-3 days every 2-4 months. My goal is to become migraine-free.

~ Phyllis Hunt