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Tentative 2015 Fall Schedule

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2015 LEVEL ONE Suspenshén Training Program

This program is dedicated to developing tools for promoting longevity, enhancing function, and eliminating pain. Level One consists of 5 weekend sessions from Thursday through Sunday (24 hours per session/120 hours total). Each weekend will be divided into three interrelated sections:

  1. Education - In this section we directly sense our physical and physiological bodies through perceptual anatomy, a mindfulness based experiential anatomical study and practice of the highest level. Slowly and meticulously we will study, sense, move, palpate, assess, balance and teach, the major anatomical components of our structural and functional bodies from the tips of our toes to the top of our heads.
  2. Rehabilitation - As deep understanding of our anatomy unfolds and assessment skills are enhanced, we will learn to design specific daily therapy practices to promote physical, physiological, and psycho-emotional longevity, enhanced function and freedom from pain.
  3. Integration - As our mind body IQ grows and we begin the healing process of our various challenges, we integrate the individual components into a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Through the art, science and therapeutic applications of yoga, movement, breath work, and awareness (YMBA), we cultivate the skill of personal practice and class development for healing, learning, and growing far beyond what we thought possible.

Who this is for:

  • Anyone who wants to be a Suspenshén practitioner teaching yoga, movement, breath and awareness from a very profound and safe place.
  • Those who wish to have a vast array of tools for therapeutic application.
  • Anyone who simply wants to take the course for their own personal growth.


For inquires and to set up an interview please call 303-601-1147